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News » London Solar News » June 2012

June 2012

Volume III, Issue 4

In this issue

- Welcome

- Solar clock

- Power purchase agreements

- Social networking

The summer solstice happened yesterday evening, meaning it was the longest day of the year. Visit the solar clock in downtown London today to celebrate summer's arrival! Also in this June 2012 edition of London Solar News™ – brought to you by SunTap Technologies – we explore power purchase agreements.

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Mike and Tim
Founders of SunTap Technologies Inc.

Solar clock

Did you know that London has its very own solar clock? The art piece of a great blue heron that hangs from the first Renaissance Tower at King and Ridout streets is not just for show: the circle of stained glass allows sunlight to pass through and hit the sidewalk below. There are stone discs on the sidewalk, with one for each solstice (summer and winter). When the sunlight hits the glass, the circle on the sidewalk will be completely filled by the light passing through the stained glass.

This piece of art is configured with a summer solstice occuring at 1:25 PM on the 21st of June. If you can make it downtown today, be sure to stop by and watch nature become art.


Power purchase agreements

Solar energy is an excellent investment for any building owner (residential, commercial, or otherwise), but what about those who rent or lease? Convincing landlords to install solar can be difficult if they are not the one paying the utility bills. Luckily, power purchase agreements (PPA) are an excellent way to satisfy both parties: the tenant gets the satisfaction of reducing utility bills by going solar, and the landlord invests in a steady income stream.

Take the example of a beauty salon located in a commercial plaza. The salon owner pays utility bills for electricity or natural gas to heat water – in a business that uses a substantial amount of hot water – in the range of 18¢/kWh or $1.20/m (about 12¢/kWh). Solar can cost as low as 5¢/kWh.

In our example using electricity, a system would cost about $8200 to install (including SaveONEnergy rebate), costing the landlord 5¢/kWh to install. If charging 12¢/kWh to the tenant, the landlord makes over $450 per year, enjoying a 15% return on investment. The tenant also saves about $400 per year in utility bills. It's a win-win situation!

PPAs can apply to solar electricity, too. Contact us for more information on either program.


Social networking

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