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38th Annual London Spring Home & Garden Show


Solar industy and initiatives

Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) was formed in 1978 to serve the interests of Canada's solar thermal industry. CanSIA represents the interests of its members by working to increase the use of solar energy in Canada.


Solar Electric Power Association

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) creates opportunities for electric utilities, manufacturers, and installers, and the many other organizations with a stake in the future of solar energy.



Stand Up for Solar

Stand Up for Solar allows the public the opportunity to show their support for solar energy. Visit the Web site to learn how you can let your representatives in government know how important utilizing solar power is to you.

Solar and Sustainable Energy Society of Canada Inc. (SESCI)

Established in 1974, the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. (SESCI) (now Solar and Sustainable Energy Society of Canada Inc.) operates as a non-profit organization, and is the only national-level NGO that is registered with charitable status in its field. SESCI is a national organization with chapters or affiliates across Canada.

Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Assocoation (OSEA) is an advocate, facilitator, and business catalyst bringing the public, commercial, and community sustainable-energy sector and their supporters together to address emerging trends. OSEA is a non-partisan, member-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring and enabling the people of Ontario to improve the environment, economy, and their health by conserving and producing clean, renewable energy in their homes, businesses, and communities.


Green Energy London Co-operative (GEL)

Green Energy London (GEL) involves volunteers that envision a post-carbon future through practical, measurable strategies that facilitate global change through local action. GEL members are working to establish a community-based initiative committed to helping community members live more sustainably through information and energy efficient services that support and engage a reduced impact on the environment.


Drake Landing Solar Community

Drake Landing Solar Community is a 52-home subdivision in Okotoks, Alberta that heats all of the homes using a district energy that stores solar heat in the summer underground for use in the winter. All of the homes also have a solar domestic water-heating system installed.


ecoLIVING London

ecoLIVING London is a non-profit, community-based organization and social enterprise. They support Londoners in making daily lifestyle choices that have a positive impact on their personal health, the health of their family, and the health of the planet.

SunTap Technologies has been a member since 2012.

TREA - Thames Region Ecological Association

Thames Region Ecological Association (TREA)

TREA's mission is to educate its members and the community towards the development of an ecological, responsible, and sustainable future through awareness, reflection, caring, and action.


PostCarbon London

PostCarbon London’s mission is to assist London and area with understanding and acting on issues surrounding peak oil and global warming.

ReForest London

ReForest London is a non-profit organization that engages individuals, groups, and businesses in planting and caring for trees in neighbourhoods and natural areas throughout London.

Friends of the Coves Subwatershed

Friends of the Coves strives to protect the natural heritage of the Coves, a collection of three ponds fed by the Thames River right in the geographic centre of the city.


The Clear Choice

The Clear Choice is an initiative by the City of London to promote the safe drinking water that is supplied by our municipal system. There will also be programs to help reduce water usage in and around the home, to ensure ample drinking water at all times of the year.


Clothesline Campaign

Clothesline Campaign is an initiative supported by TREA to encourage Londoners to use clotheslines to dry their clothing instead of an electric dryer, thus saving on their hydro bills.


Ontario's Green Future

Ontario's Green Future is a Web site that outlines the real cost of nuclear power in the province. Visit the site to learn more about nuclear power in Ontario and what alternatives are available to provide us with clean, safe energy.



Come is a Web site dedicated to ensuring that elected officials know that environmental concerns are important to the people of Ontario.


Climate Action Network Canada

Climate Action Network Canada is composed of member organizations committed to preventing dangerous levels of human interference with the global climate system, protecting environmental sustainability and public health, while upholding principles of just transition, equity, and social justice.


Old South Community Organization (OSCO)

The Old South Community Organization (OSCO) has represented the common interests of Old South London since 1975. OSCO is a non-profit, member-run volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of life in the community, and in the city.

Wortley Village Business Association

The Wortley Village Business Assocoation (WVBA) represents the business in Wortley Village and Old South, giving them a voice in the community. SunTap Technologies is a member of the WVBA.


Eco Vox - London

This resource is designed to enable Londoners to gain a high awareness and understanding of local and global environmental issues and to find practical solutions to everyday environmental problems.

Our partners

Cedarbrook Tree Farm

If you're in London, Ontario or the surrounding area and you're looking for trees and shrubs, you have an opportunity to buy direct from this London nursery, just 15 minutes west of the city.

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