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  1. Will a solar PV system produce enough energy for my property?
    For a grid-tie system (such as under the microFIT program), all of the energy produced is delivered to the provincial electricity grid to be used by everybody. You maintain your current electricity supply from the local utility – this is the recommended solution for anyone currently connected to the electricity grid.

    An off-grid system requires an auxiliary backup to solar, such as battery banks or an alternative fuel for days with low solar energy.

  2. Where can the solar collectors be installed?
    Typically, solar PV collectors are placed on the roof of a building facing south. If the roof can not be used, collectors can be mounted on a rack located on the ground, a wall, or on a fence. Shading throughout the year must also be taken into account.

  3. How long will an installation take?
    Installations can take between a day to a week, depending on the size of the system.

  4. How does a solar PV system save me money?
    A grid-tie system on a microFIT/FIT contract pays you for power supplied to the grid – the system makes you money!

  5. How do I optimize the amount of energy collected?
    The best orientation for PV collectors is due south – moving east or west will result in a negligible loss of performance.

  6. What is the expected lifetime of a solar PV system?
    Quality solar PV systems offered by SunTap Technologies are designed to last 25 years or more.

  7. What about the condition of my roof? Does it matter?
    If the roof needs replacing, it is highly recommended to have it replaced before installing solar collectors; otherwise the collectors will have to be removed and re-installed to accommodate a re-roofing.

  8. How will the collectors look when installed on my house?
    Most collectors are designed to lay parallel to the roof, so their low profile won't make the collectors overly noticeable. Flat roofs require racking to support the collectors.

  9. Are there any other benefits to installing a solar PV system?
    If you are planning on selling your property, having a solar PV system already installed may improve the resale value of the property – a constant cheque from the microFIT/FIT program is a great selling feature. You also reduce pollution by generating energy from a renewable source instead of from coal or nuclear fuels.

  10. If I sell my property, can I remove the equipment and take it with me?
    The solar equipment must remain installed at the existing property for the contract to be valid.

  11. What happens to the 20-year contract if I sell my home before the contract ends?
    The contract is transferred from the seller to the buyer.


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