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Products » Solar pool heating » Frequently asked questions

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  1. Will a solar pool-heating system replace my existing pool heater?
    Whether or not you currently have a pool heater, a solar pool-heating system can replace or supplement a standard gas-fired (or other types of) pool heater.

  2. Where can the solar collectors be installed?
    Typically, solar collectors are placed on the roof of a building, such as your house, a shed, or the pool house. If the roof can not be used, collectors can be mounted on a rack located on the ground, a wall, or on a fence. Summer shading must also be taken into account.

  3. How long will an installation take?
    Installations are usually completed in one day.

  4. How does a solar pool heater save me money?
    By offsetting the heat required by traditional sources (e.g. gas-fired pool heaters), you will reduce your utility bills.

  5. How do I optimize the amount of energy collected?
    The best orientation for collectors is due south with minimal shading. Additionally, you may want to invest in a pool blanket - it will retain much of the heat generated by the solar pool heater.

  6. What is the expected lifetime of a solar pool-heating system?
    The equipment installed by SunTap comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 15 years, and has an expected lifetime of over 25 years.

  7. What about the condition of my roof? Does it matter?
    If the roof needs replacing, it is highly recommended to have it replaced before installing solar collectors; otherwise the collectors will have to be removed and re-installed to accommodate a re-roofing.

  8. Will the collectors shorten the life of the roof?
    Our equipment allows the roof to breathe and also cools the roof by absorbing the solar energy, and thus should lengthen the expected life of the roof. (A cooler roof can also reduce the cost of air conditioning.)

  9. Are there any other benefits to installing a solar pool heater?
    You can extend the pool season by about a month before and a month after the standard season, meaning you will get more enjoyment out of the investment of a pool. You reduce pollution by offsetting energy consumption, as well.

Solar pool heating is the most economical method of heating a pool.

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