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Since 2009 , SunTap customers have generated over 480 MWh
of energy, equivalent to enough electricity to power
more than 50 homes
for a year.

Over 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide
have been avoided by using renewable energy, making our air healthier and safer to breathe.

Over 1347 ML of fresh water have been conserved by using renewable energy, leaving it available for all beings to enjoy.


About us » Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

We love it. We wish we had done this years ago.

Sharon & Iain H. from Seaforth after their pool went from 72 °F to 84 °F within 10 days of installation

“We are pleased with the work of Mike and Tim, as well as follow-up and service needs. I would recommend their solar pool heating program to anyone to extend use of swimming pool.”

David B. from London, whose shaded pool that never breached 75 °F now gets over 85 °F for most of the season

“Last July, SunTap Technologies installed a solar system for our pool. After installed the pool temperature remained about 85 °F until September without having to use the solar cover! The work done was tidy, and almost invisible, with the use of the black pipe. I could not have done a better job (or even close). Would do it again in a minute. Looking forward to having the system in place for the whole summer this year.

Ab & Penny B. from Kilworth

“We are quite happy with the results. The pool is at 88 today. We think that is great.”

John & Marie C. from London, after pool went from 72 °F to 88°F six days after installation ...

“The pool gets to 91. We turned it down as it would have gotten even hotter. I love it. John says its too warm. He is going to turn it down even more. We are having a temperature war here. So John is also impressed. We are pleased with the system so far. ”

... and after pool reached 91 °F in August!

Electric vehilcle EV charging stations help save on electrical costs and charge your EV faster.

“I am extremely happy with the service and performance of the charger. Anybody is free to come see it for themselves!”

Mike N. from London

System works great. Love it. We were in the pool on weekend. I had the solar heat cranked to 86F and it was blasting out hot water from the pool jets.

Jeff M. & Karen S. from London after their pool went from 78 °F to 86 °F after two days of installation

The solar lights in the garden illuminate the landscape splendidly.”

Margaret C. from St. Catharines

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