Solar electricity

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Generation of electricity using solar photovoltaics (or “PV” for short) has become popular in Ontario since the passing of the Green Energy & Economy Act, which introduced the Feed-In Tarrif (FIT) program. Now that the FIT program is finished, property owners can install solar PV systems under the “net-metering” program to first use solar power in their buildings and sell the excess to the grid. GreenON has also announced rebates on solar to come later in 2018. Solar panels are installed on a rooftop, ground racking, or a tracker to create clean, renewable electricity.

A typical 10 kW system in Southwestern Ontario generates 13 000 kWh of electricity in a year. We provide turnkey service from start to finished to help you get your investment running right.

How to get involved

Contact SunTap Technologies to arrange for a consultation. The first part of the process is to provide you with some of the basic information about solar electricity generation.
We help you complete and submit an application to the IESO and your local utility company.
We perform a site assessment, energy analysis, and provide an installed price and breakdown of the installation costs.
We sign a contract and provide you with step-by-step guidance to help you through the remainder of the process.

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