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News » London Solar News » August 2011

August 2011

Volume II, Issue 6

In this issue

- Welcome

- ecoENERGY Retrofit program returns'

- Featured product - solar electricity

- Social networking

Has it been hot enough for you? Welcome to the August 2011 edition of London Solar News™, brought to you by SunTap Technologies. Great news for solar as the ecoENERGY Retrofit program has been re-instated, meaning rebates for solar water heating. We also explain how you can put a tenant on your roof and make money with solar electricity.

Also, don't miss the L.O.O.K It's a Party! eco-festival this Saturday, August 13 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It's being held at Queen's Park (Dundas Street between and Ontario and Quebec Streets), at the Western Fair behind the Confederation Building.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to send us an e-mail with any comments or questions at If you enjoyed this newsletter, forward it to your friends!

Sunny regards,

Tim and Mike
Founders of SunTap Technologies Inc.

ecoENERGY Retrofit program returns

Last month, Natural Resources Canada announced that the ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes incentive program has been re-introduced. The renewal of the program will run until March 31, 2012. Part of the incentive program includes:

  • $1250 rebate for single-family homes implementing a solar domestic hot water system
  • up to $12 500 rebate for multi-unit residential buildings implementing a solar domestic hot water system

To qualify, your building must undergo an ecoENERGY audit after you register on the ecoENERGY Web site (link below). Once you receive your audit report that includes solar water heating, we will perform a site visit to determine the size and location of the solar equipment.

To learn more, contact us and we will help you get set up to save money on your energy bills!

Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems for ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes:


Featured product: solar electricity

Solar electricity with the microFIT (Feed-In Tariff) program is currently one of the best investments you can make into your home, netting between 11 to 14% return with a guaranteed 20-year contract. By feeding all of the electricity generated into the public utility grid, you are powering your neighbourhood with energy from the sun - and the hydro company pays you to do it!

Turn your roof into an investment - you are effectively adding a tenant who lives on your roof, pays a monthly cheque, and makes no noise.

We will help you get started by applying to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and your local hydro company. Approvals take four to six weeks, upon which time installation will take place.

Don't wait too long to apply, though: the OPA will be releasing new rates in October, and they are predicted to go down. With recent price drops in equipment, now is the perfect time to go solar!

Ontario Power Authority microFIT Web site:


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